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DaniBensimon Catering specializes in farm-to-table North African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, with a California fresh twist. Chef Bensimon also has a variety of experience with other cuisines, including Latin American, Thai, Italian, American, Eastern European, and many more. (Kosher and Halal certified fare as well.)


Chef Bensimon is a food artist.  Her art is her cooking, creating balanced meals with nutrition in mind, never sacrificing taste and flavor. Since age 4, Chef Bensimon has been creating culinary delights. She has also had the amazing and unique opportunity to live and travel in the Middle East, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe; tasting, smelling and learning about cultures through the food of the locals.


Owner & Chef Daniella Bensimon was born in Israel and emigrated to Seattle, Washington as a baby.  Her culinary tastes have been beautifully inspired by a variety of influences, including her rich Moroccan-Jewish heritage, Seattle's Greek & Turkish traditional Sephardic community in which she was raised, an early exposure to the freshest produce & fish at Seattle's world-famous Pike Place Market, the colorful, eclectic 'shuk' (open-air market) in Jerusalem where Chef Bensimon spent time in college, and local California cuisine.

Chef Bensimon creates the highest quality food using the freshest ingredients around, including organic fruits and vegetables, and hormone-free & grass-fed meat. She also strives to frequent local vendors such as Monterey Market, Berkeley Bowl, and the local farmers markets, doing her very best to support local small businesses like hers. Chef Daniella Bensimon looks forward to sharing her creative, beautiful, delicious tastes and flavors with you!

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